Riding The Castle Hill Funicular – Budapest

The castle area in Budapest is very big and it is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Budapest.  If you are not in a hurry and want to explore the whole castle area, you might want to see the map as your guide.


There´s a bunch of things visitors can see in the castle area, such as the Matthias Church, the statues, the monuments, the water fountains and of course the very pretty buildings. There are also many things visitors can do here, such as riding the funicular, having lunch in one of the restaurants, shopping for souvenirs, visiting the museum, attending the festivals that are sometimes held (food festival, beer festival, etc), and or simply just having a walk to enjoy the views.

Last weekend my husband and I visited the castle specially to ride the Budapest Castle Hill Funicular or in Hungarian they call it Budavári Sikló.  It was in our bucket list, so we wanted to do it. The funicular has two ways, one way is to go up, the other one is to go down.

We had a little walk before riding the funicular. I really like to go up the castle nearby the Matthias church. I can get a really nice city view from the balcony. I can also see the Parliament Building and the Chain Bridge from up there.

As we kept walking to the ticket cashier for the funicular, we took time to see the ruined part and to see the city view from the balcony by the ruined part. And in the first photo below, you can see the National Gallery building from the distance.

Finally we almost got there. We passed by the Sandor Palace (Alexander Palace) or it is also known as the Hungarian Presidential Palace. If you are lucky, you can see the Changing of the Guards in front of the palace, it´s very interesting. For more information about the Changing of the Guards, you can read here.


So, this is where we bought the tickets for the funicular. Just a heads up, one ticket is for one way. There are two ways which is going up and going down. This time we were going down. We did this on purpose because usually the line to buy the ticket to go down is way less busy than the line to go up.


These were our tickets. Behind those pictures, there is information about the date and the price, and barcode for validation.


As we were inside of the funicular, my husband managed to take a few pictures. We realised some tourists were taking pictures and waving at the passengers in the funicular. So, I waved back at them (ha!).



The Chain Bridge can obviously be seen from inside of the funicular. The Chain Bridge is a bridge that connects the hilly part (Buda) and the flat part (Pest) of Budapest. It´s one of the most beautiful bridges in the world I have ever seen.


That was it. We tried the funicular and now it is off our bucket list. Look at the line in the photo below. They were all going up. Yup, you can expect this long line when you want to go up with the funicular, probably because people tend to not want to go up on foot.


My husband and I came to the castle area from home by bus, and the bus took us until the higher part of the castle area. So, we didn´t have to walk up so much. Anyway, it´s up to you which one you prefer. Happy travelling!

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